Lights, Camera….COLOMA!

The Coloma-Lotus Valley is most known for two things; the California Gold Rush Discovery and family fun whitewater rafting, but did you know that it is also a coveted little place to film movies, commercials and television shows? I didn’t think so…check this out!

El Dorado County, and more specifically Coloma and the the South Fork of the American River, are featured in such beloved films as; Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Breakdown, Anna and the King and Memoirs of a Geisha-as well as many more! The historic preservation of the Marshall State Gold Discovery Park and the natural and uncongested beauty of the area make  it a great place to make movie (or small screen) magic! The El Dorado County Chamber has a wonderful Film and Media office that helps support these projects. They also host a great Annual “I Heart Film” mixer, that you should not miss! For a full list of feature films shot in the area, please visit:

Recently I took a Producer from the SYFY Channel original series Haunted Highways to scout locations in and around the Coloma-Lotus Valley. They settled on the historic, and apparently VERY HAUNTED, Pioneer Cemetery.  The show focuses on the host’s first person encounters with paranormal activity on some of the most haunted highways and back roads in the country.  We just happen to have the  honor of being included in that list of haunted highways! The episode filmed in Coloma also features renowned local psychic, Nancy Bradley. To learn more about this series or catch the episode online, please visit: We are featured in Episode 105:Louisiana Swamp Woman/Pioneer Cemetary.  The Coloma portion of the show starts about half way through…but you really shouldn’t miss the Louisiana Swamp Woman!

Coloma is also home to Emmy award winning Producer and Cinematographer Todd Stanley. His work on the popular Discovery Channel show, The Deadliest Catch has received professional accolades and respect from viewers world wide. Todd is celebrated for having a unique ability to capture the heart of the story, and deliver it with unmatched visual perspective. He is constantly on the go with his production company, but Coloma is home to Todd Stanley Productions. To learn more about Todd, please visit:, or just turn on your TV and find an episode of The Deadliest Catch, to “catch” some of his handy work!

Thanks for tuning in! As they say in the biz…THAT’S A WRAP!