Amgen Tour of CA is rolling through town!

The Amgen Tour of CA bike race will be rolling through, or rather near town, this Sunday May 11th. While we are thrilled to have them race through our neck of the woods, there will be some road closures and delays between Auburn, Cool and Salmon Falls Road that may effect your Mother’s Day routes.
The impact will be from approximately 1:30pm until 2:00pm. People heading south on Salmon Falls Road should not have that much of an impact. As long as they are in front of the race, they will not be stopped. Worst case is that will need to follow the race to reach their destination (if they find the race in front of them). The 30-minute impact will be on people heading north on Salmon Falls Rd.
The closures are part of a rolling parade which will have CHP motorcycles surrounding the racers providing safety and temporary traffic stoppages at their discretion. Road closures at intersections will be about 15 minutes, and then if you are behind the racers traffic flow will be only about 25 mph. The race should be past Salmon Falls by 2 pm. with the section between Auburn and Salmon Falls taking place between 1 pm – 2 pm.
More information can be found at along with an “app” which allows you to follow the race on your mobile device including individual riders times and positions. Thanks to Noah R. Triplett and Dan Crandall for providing this helpful information.