King Fire Update & Resources

By now the whole country has heard about the King Fire roaring through El Dorado County and into Placer County. An arson fire that was started in Pollock Pines has wreaked havoc through many towns and communities, causing evacuations and devastation to more than 80,000 acres of primarily Forest Service land. There have been very few injuries and actual damaged structures, but it has been scary & devastating nonetheless. The communities affected have come together to support one another by helping with evacuations, and creating safe places for the evacuees and their animals to find comfort.

There are over 5,200 Personnel working on the fire which is currently 10% contained. Last night’s storm and humidity has helped to moderate the erratic burning behavior, but there is still lots of work to be done. These firefighters and emergency responders have offered so much hope during this significant drought and high fire season. The communities and local businesses have made signs, t-shirts and more showing their appreciation for these heroes, which brings another glimmer of hope to this tragedy.

Although the air quality has improved today and the fire is miles away from the Coloma-Lotus Valley, please check the links below to learn about the fire, road closures, etc., before planning your next trip.  Here are some resources to learn more about the fire specifics, maps, air quality, etc. Some of these links may include information about how you can help support displaced families, animals or other volunteer opportunities. Also, there are many more detailed articles available online if you should want to learn more about the fire over the last week. Breathe easy, be safe and hug a firefighter!