Pumpkins on the Bridge 2017

We live in a great small town community. And we have a wonderful tradition of putting pumpkins on the Hwy 49 bridge a couple of nights before Halloween.

This year we were concerned with the construction of a new bridge. Would we be able to continue our much-loved tradition or do we need to look for a new location. 

Thanks to Caltrans & MCM construction for getting the pedestrian sidewalk and the very nice wooden guard rail up. And THANK YOU to the MCM crew for helping with the clean up. You guys rock.

The email went out a few days before the 29th. And our little community stepped up and carved away. Click on the photos below to see some of the great works of 2017 Pumpkins on the Bridge. Final count of pumpkins at the clean up is 121 of course some of the pumpkins were picked up earlier and were not in this count.