Man its HOT out there

What to do with your beloved dogs while visiting the Coloma Lotus area.

Coloma-Lotus is dog friendly and people love bringing their canine family members with them to hike, walk, and splash in the calmer parts of our river. Some of our lodging is dog-friendly and you will often see dog water bowls in our local businesses. However, our summers and even spring and fall days can get quite hot, especially for your best friend on four legs. Some business owners have had to rescue dogs from cars to save their lives! Please follow these guidelines to make sure your animals stay safe and comfortable. A little awareness and prevention goes a long way.

1. Contact your lodging in advance and ask whether dogs are welcome, and what requirements they have. Ask them for a list of daytime dog care where they can stay safe and comfortable, if you want to go on a rafting or other day trip on a hot day.

2. Contact your rafting outfitter for a list of dog day care while you are out having a blast on the river.

3. Do not leave your dog alone in the car for more than 5 minutes when the temperature is warm or hotter, even in the evenings. In a car with the windows cracked, a 75 degree day becomes 89 degrees in 10 minutes and a dog-frying 104 degrees after 30 minutes!

4. Dog supplies are available in many of the stores on our business page, or at several feed stores that are a quick drive from the center of Coloma-Lotus.

Dog-sitting leads:

1. Ann Hamilton also offers this service. 530-622-9113

2. Coloma -Lotus Pet Sitting and Boarding   Michaela Hueghs  530-626-0750

3. Dogwood resort in GV is great. Teresa 333-2117


For Tips on hot weather and dogs check out this site