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Special thanks to Betty Sederquist. In addition to donating photographs for use on the website (see above), over the years Betty has contributed hundreds of hours writing articles for the Coloma-Lotus Guide and

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The Coloma-Lotus area is blessed with beautiful vistas, exciting adventures, and several superb photographers who continually capture its beauty and action. We thank you for allowing us to use your photographs to dress up our website and show off the river and the valley.


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The website has been in continuous operation since August 1, 1995, making it one of the longest-running community websites in the world. In 2003, the South Fork of the American River section of the site was split off to form the basis of The American River web site. was a finalist for The Dotties (Sacramento Web Awards) in both 1999 and 2006.

The sites were created as a labor of love by Donna McMaster (formerly doing business as Coloma Communications). Donna continues to develop and maintain the sites. Jonathan Kurten designed the latest incarnation of the site.

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