Friday, February 23rd 6-7:30pm (followed by Q&A)

Many issues, including fire, pesticides and development are impacting how wildlife live, feed, and reproduce across the board resulting in unprecedented population declines. Gardeners can make a difference! Our gardens can be dedicated to the rewarding and vital endeavor of supporting birds, beneficial insects, and other wild creatures whose natural habitats are threatened by habitat loss, pesticides, and invasive species. This talk will focus on the benefits of restoring native plants to your property to transform your own yard into an ecological wonderland full of life. Find out which plants and other landscape features will benefit local birds, pollinators, including butterflies, and other wildlife. Presenter Kit Veerkamp is the Horticulture Chair of the El Dorado Chapter CNPS and a Master Gardener. Meeting location Gold Hill/Placerville area. Suggested Donation: $5/members, $10/non-members. A detailed email will be sent once you register online. REGISTRATION LINK

Wakamatsu Farm

Feb 23, 2024
6:00 PM PST to 7:30 PM PST
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