relaxing by the South Fork of the American RiverIn the uncommonly beautiful setting of Coloma and Lotus, homes are sparse. Most neighborhoods require parcels to be an acre or more; only a few allow smaller lots. And because the area is unincorporated, there is no local government to bring people together to air concerns or share celebrations.

The good news is that, like in many rural areas, people are brought together, both informally and in organizations, by common interests and shared goals. If you really want to find out what’s happening in the valley, drop in to the Coloma Post Office, Coloma Feed & Hardware, the Coloma Club, the Sierra Rizing Bakery, the Argonaut…the list is a long one! Looking for posted notices? You’ll find the best bulletin boards at Sutter Center, Sierra Rizing and the feed store.

Online, you can pick up the news and share with others through the Coloma-Lotus News (clnews) mailing list. And if you’re looking to share with like-minded people, check out Coloma and Lotus’ local organizations and volunteer opportunities.