Local Farm Stands

When it came to the soil, local farmers and vintners did better than the 49ers. After the frantic first years of the California Gold Rush, most gold miners, with more dreams than common sense, dug, then moved on, eager for the next gold strike. But more patient folks, thinking beyond the glitter in a gold pan, stayed and tilled the soil. Many succeeded, and in the process, their agriculture transformed the Coloma-Lotus valley and the hills beyond.

Ranching families have thrived in the area for over 150 years, supplying California and neighboring Nevada with basic food needs. These generations of families held the community together and are part of the landscape and heritage of this community.

The farms listed below are open seasonally. Stop by when you are in town for some lovely homegrown produce.

Fog Dog Farms - Located on the Historic Wakamatsu Tea & Silk Colony Farm at 991 Cold Springs Road, Specializing in organic produce throughout the year. 

Gold Hill Olive Oil Tasting - Beautifully bottled varietal and flavored olive oils in a pastoral setting on Gold Hill Road. You'll also find gourmet kitchen utensils and accessories, specialty foods, jewelry, and other gift items. Tasting room open Friday-Sunday 10-4.

Gold Hill Orchard - Juicy Peaches, Tasty Pears, Crispy Apples, and more oh my! Just off the beaten path at 6600 Gold Hill Road, Placerville CA.

Graham's Pear Shed - This historic farm on Cold Springs Road, just south of Gold Hill, used to offer delicious pears in the fall and cherries in the spring. Now their primary crops are mandarins & oranges in the fall.

Hooverville Orchards - Just off Highway 49 a few miles south of Coloma, is a worthy detour. Stop in for lemons, oranges, apples, pears, peaches, and yummy homemade berry or apple pies.

Marchini Ranch - Located just south of Coloma on Highway 49, this Ranch produces some of the sweetest peaches in the state. Hours are irregular; keep your eyes open for their sign.